Oktoberfest Costumes

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair), which takes place annually in Munich running from mid to late September until the first week of October.  The original event was held in 1810, however, over the years it has gradually turned into a world worldwide phenomenon celebrating Bavarian Culture and beer of course. It originally began over 200 years ago as a wedding celebration for Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony Hildburghausen. It took place on October 12 1810 and was celebrated with days of drinking, massive feasts and hose races. This year Oktoberfest will officially take place from Saturday 22nd September-Sunday 7th October. The main event still takes place in Munich with the opening day being marked by a colourful parade of carriages floats and people dressing up in vibrant costumes.  However now a  worldwide festival, there are numerous places to celebrate in the UK which usually involves dressing up in cheerful costumes and drinking beer. Stuck on what to wear? Here's what we suggest:


The Lederhosen are traditionally leather shorts with H-shaped braces and were originally worn in Alpine regions such as Bavaria.  They were the trousers of the working peasant community and were built sturdy to hold up to the rigorous work of the time.  The Lederhosen is now considered to be a staple item of fancy dress for men on Oktoberfest and here at Escapade we have quite the selection for you to choose from with many of our Lederhosen costumes coming complete with shirts and accessories for the full look. Whether you're looking for something traditional or slightly funny and cheeky, we have just the Lederhosen for you. Lederhosen

From left to right: Carry Me Oktoberfest Costume, Oktoberfest Lederhosen Costume, Bavarian Man Costume


Bavarian Beer Maid Costumes

As for women, a traditional Bavarian dress with full skirt, apron and tight bodice is a must and with our wide range of beer maid costumes to choose from, you too can now embrace the Alpine glamour. From sexy tavern girl outfits to more traditional costumes, we have something for every taste. beer maid costumes

From left to right: Tavern Girl Costume, Bavarian Wench Costume, Beer Garden Girl Costume

Beer Costumes

If you're looking to steer away from the traditional but stand out nevertheless then our show-stopping beer costumes could be your best bet.  These costumes are guaranteed to go down a treat wherever you decide to celebrate this year. beer costumes

From left to right: Studmeister Beer Costume, Get Real Beer Pint Costume, Beer Mug Costume

And don't forget your accessories...

That's right, whatever you wear, be sure to team your costume with our must-have Oktoberfest accessories.  These are guaranteed to complete your costume, taking it to the next level. Whether to choose to don a Pretzel Mask or wish to complete your traditional look with a Trenker Hat, our lovely collection of accessories will have you sorted! accessories

From left to right: Pretzel Mask, German Trenker Hat with Feather, Bavarian Beauty Wig

Looking for places to celebrate?  Why not check out these events here: Bavarian Beerhouse Oktoberfest, the City-26 September- 20 October London Oktoberfest-4-14 October Brixton Oktoberfest, Brixton Jamn, Saturdays throughout October Erdinger Oktoberfest London, Stratford-27 September-28 October Heist Bank Beer Festival, Paddington-12-14 October The Official Camden Oktoberfest, Electric Ballroom-13-20 October Oktoberfest, Flat Iron Square-3-6 October