Freshers' Week Freshers’ Week is around the corner, and although it’s universally called Freshers’ Week, it’s more like 2 weeks of non-stop partying, meeting new people and dressing up! That’s right Freshers’ week is known for themed parties and fancy dress clubbing. We know it’s like to be a student and living on a shoestring budget ain't always easy, so we have decided to put together some great fancy dress buys for under £15.  No matter what the theme we have something for you so there’s absolutely no excuse why you shouldn’t get involved. Here are some of our favourite bargain costume ideas.

1. Hawaiian

Hawaiian fancy dress

From left to right: Hawaiian Shirt Multi Colour-£8.99, Beachcomber Hawaiian Straw Hat-£2.49, Coconut Bra Bikini-£4.99, Hawaiian Specs-£4.49, Rainbow Hawaiian Set-£0.99, Hawaiian Hula Skirt, Multicoloured-£2.99

2. 80's


From left to right: Neon Beaded Bracelets-£2.49, 80's Light Up Visor, Pink-£3.99Fluorescent Beads x 4-£2.99, Shell Suit Costume-£13.76, I Love the 80's T-Shirt-£8.99, Neon Legwarmers-£3.99, 80's Sun Visor, Blue-£1.99

3. Wild West

Wild West

From left to right: Cowboy Glitter Hat, Pink-£1.49, Cowboy Moustache, Brown-£1.99, Authentic Western wandering Gunman Hat, Brown-£5.49, Western Indian Authentic Choker-£3.99, Indian Headband, 2 Feathers-£0.99, Wild West Kit, Female-£10.99

4. Army


From left to right: WW2 Tommy Hat-£1.99, Army Medallion-£1.49, Army Headband, Camouflage-£1.99, Bullet Belt Plastic Deluxe Toy-£4.99, Aviator Specs-£1.99

5. Gangster

Gangster accessories

From left to right: Inflatable Tommy Gun-£2.99, Tales of Old England, Derby Bowler Hat-£2.99, Deluxe Red Gangster Tie-£2.99, Sequin Bow Tie, Black-£0.99, Spiv Moustache-£1.99

6. Pink Lady

Pink Lady

From left to right: Rock and Roll Sunglasses-£2.99, Pink Lady Costume, Grease-£11.99, Grease Frenchy Wig-£9.99

7. Hippie

Hippie Costumes and Accessories

From left to right: 70's Hippie Girl Costume-£14.99, Neil Hippy Wig, Brown-£11.99, Hippie Sunglasses Orange-£2.49, Hippie Sunglasses Green-£2.49, Pink Fringed Hippie Top-£8.09, Hippie Waistcoat-£9.99

8. Caveman/ Cavewoman

Caveman/Cavewoman accessories

From left to right: Cavewoman Costume-£7.99, Crazy Caveman Costume- £9.49, Caveman Bone White-£1.99, Bone Necklace and Jewellery Set-£2.50, Inflatable Caveman Club, £2.49, Crazy Caveman Wig, Blonde-£7.99

9. Morphsuits


From left to right: Blue Morphsuit-£14.39, Green Morphsuit-£12.95, Red Morphsuit-£12.95, Black Morphsuit-£14.39

10. OAP

OAP accessories

From left to right: Old Lady Mask-£11.99, Inflatable Walking Frame- £7.99, Granny Bun Wig-£6.49, Grumpy Grandpa Wig-£10.99

11. Flapper Girl

Flapper Girl accessories

From left to right: Flirty Flapper Wig, Black-£8.99, 1920 Style Cigarette Holder Silver-£2.49, Flapper Headband, Black-£1.49, 1920's Flapper Pearls-£1.49, Deluxe Boa, Green-£6.49

12. Circus

Circus fancy dress

From left to right: Clown Hat with Wig-£3.49, Big Top Clown Bowtie, Neon- £3.49Clown Trousers, Neon-£12.99, Clown Nose, Pink-£0.99Crazy Clown Wig, Green-£3.99, Clown Mini Hat Headband-£3.49

13. Food

Food fancy dress

From left to right: Hot Dog Costume, Get Real-£12.99, Shining Strawberry Tart Wig-£11.99, Egg Costume-£11.99, Cheeseburger Mask-£12.99, Strawberry Costume-£14.99, Hot Dog Hat-£10.99

14. Pirate

Pirate Fancy Dress

From left to right: Pirate Sword Cutlass Black Hilt-£1.99, Parrot with Elastic Holder-£7.49, Pirate Hat, Black-£4.49, Pirate Eye Patch-£1.99, Pirate Stripe Wench Costume-£11.33

15. Superhero

Superhero Fancy Dress

From left to right: Iron Man 2nd Skin Costume-£14.99, Supergirl Skirt-£11.99, Supergirl Thigh Highs-£8.99, Supergirl Cape-£8.99