An elderly lady wearing superhero fancy dress has become an internet sensation after her grandson posted the pictures on the internet.

Frederika Goldberger, 91, had been feeling a little down, so Sacha Goldberger from Paris persuaded her to put on a load of costumes and pose for photographs.

Although she refused at first, she eventually agreed and now there are thousands of snaps of the gran in various lycra outfits.

She now has more than 2,200 MySpace followers and has become a major talking point.

Sacha explained that he came up with the idea because he sees his grandmother as a heroine.

She was born in Budapest in 1919 and emigrated to France to avoid the Soviet regime, but also worked with her husband to help Jews into hiding during the Holocaust.

"They saved lives even when they were themselves in great danger. The pictures are a good way for me to speak about what happened to her," he added.

It was rumoured this week that Matthew Goode is to don Superman fancy dress for the new film, but at least everyone now knows where there's a good stand-in if it doesn't work out!