The Great Gatsby fancy dress costumesIt seems that during 2012 we will be thoroughly spoilt here in the UK. Not only do we have the Queens Diamond Jubilee just around the corner, the Euro football championship in a matter of weeks and the Olympics on our home soil just a few months away, but we are also being treated to a plethora of amazing film releases during 2012 . With the Avengers already breaking box office records and becoming Disney’s biggest box office hit currently sitting a lofty 4th on the list highest grossing films of all time our immediate attentions will turn to another caped crusader set to our light up the screens later this summer with Christopher Nolan’s final instalment of his Batman trilogy following fast on its heels. There are countless other films being released during 2012 that are sure to keep us chained to our cinema seats however our current focus is on a film that won’t be making its appearance in cinemas until late December. Yesterday we go a sneak peak at Baz Luhrmann’s attempt at tackling, what is widely considered, as being one of literatures greatest works The Great Gatsby with a trailer release that has set our tongues waging. The film based on F Scott Fitzgerald’s illustrious novel stars Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan and is set in the upper echelons of 1920’s American. Like the original novel the story will intertwine a love story, corruption and the crumbling notion behind the American dream. The trailer which received mostly positive reviews from by preview reviewers who called it, “dazzling” & “stunning” whilst praising the films panoramic shots, realistic 20s costumes and decadence. However the trailer received a less enthralled mix of reviews from the twitterverse with comments along the following lines being a few of the more critical: "There should be warnings of ‘excessive creative license’ or “loosely based on a plot and characters by F. Scott Fitzgerald’” “Gatsby trailer looks more Las Vegas commercial romance than West Egg decadence and tragically hollow love story. #disappointed” Luhrmann who has never shied away from tackling the publics most lauded literary works (Romeo & Juliet) will have to manage & navigate expectations but at Escapade we have firmly set The Great Gatsby into our must watch list during 2012.