What has changed in during Elizabeth II ReignOur Queen has reigned (as a figurehead) over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for the last 60 years. Next weekend marks the Queens diamond jubilee and while we at Escapade are selling out of British fancy dress costumes in preparation for the event at record speeds we decided to take a look at the things that have changed size HRM assenced to the throne in 1952.   - There have been 13 Prime Ministers during Elizabeth II reign from Sir Winston Churchill to David Cameron. - Britain has been involved in 23 wars with Elizabeth coming to power during the Cold War and the most recent conflict in Iraq. - There have been 12 US Presidents from Harry S Truman to Barrack Obama - The first passenger flight took off in 1952 - Everest is conquered by British climbers Tenzing and Hillary (1952) - A total of 1,194 British number 1 singles since 1952 with the first during her reign being the 1952 hit Here in My Heart by Al Martino all the way to the current number 1 Rita Ora by R.I.P (music has changed slightly in 60 years). - There have been 59 Academy awards for best feature film with the Oscar in 1952 going to The Greatest Show on Earth (a film based on the Barnum & Bailey Circus) & last years winner The Artist interestingly enough a throwback to the films of 20’s cinema. - Britain has gone into recession 12 times during Elizabeth II reign with the first during the mid 1970’s and the last well now… A list of prime ministers during Elizabeth II reign - DNA is discovered - Oil was discovered in the North Sea - The Berlin Wall falls - Britain joins the European community - Poll tax is introduced - Concorde comes and then goes. - England win a football world cup - England win a rugby world cup. - England have won the Ashes 16 times, Australia have won 15 times since Elizabeth ascended the throne. - Great Britain has not had a Wimbledon singles champion during Elizabeth’s reign. - Man landed on the Moon. - A European Parliament is formed. - The computer modem and the internet - You used to need an entire warehouse to house a computer, now you can fit them in your pocket. - When Elizabeth succeeds the throne music is played on a record player during her reign its development follows the path from here to cassette players, CD players and finally to MP3 players. - There have been 6 Royal Weddings at Westminster Abbey culminating with Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding in 2011. - The ATM is invented. There have been hundreds if not thousands of other notable social changes since HRM Queen Elizabeth II took her lofty position on the throne but these are just a few of our favourites. If you think that we missed anything please leave a comment below and we hop that you all have an amazing Diamond Jubilee celebration.