A man in a gecko fancy dress costume was among the competitors in the Great Manchester Run yesterday (May 16th 2010).

The happy reptile waved at news crews as the runners set off out of Manchester city centre on the 10k course which led to Old Trafford and back via Deansgate.

Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie was the overall winner with a time of 28 minutes and two seconds, but many of the athletes were there to raise cash for various charities, not to be the first over the finish line.

Elsewhere on the starting line were a group of firemen from Stockport, who were running under a massive caterpillar costume to raise cash for local good causes.

However, the one flaw with this outfit was that only the man at the front could see where he was going!

Let's hope they didn't take too many tumbles.

Animal-themed costumes are great for fun runs, but it's probably wise to choose one that won't get in your way too much or make you too hot.

How about a friendly Honey Bee costume so you can be spotted wherever you are among the other racers?