The US has always been big on embracing Halloween fancy dress, but us Brits may wish to get in the party spirit and join in with them this year.

According to a new poll by the National Retail Federation (NRF), four out of ten adults plan to dress up on October 31st this year, the most in the survey's history.

Meanwhile, 64 per cent will mark the festivities somehow, even if it's just handing out treats to little ghouls who knock on the door.

Those aged 18 to 24 were found to be most likely to embrace the Halloween spirit, with 55.4 per cent either throwing or attending a spooky bash.

According to the NRF, the fact that Halloween falls on a Sunday in 2010 has encouraged people to get involved, as they feel they have more time to plan a party.

Modern-style vampire fancy dress and 1980s-themed costumes were tipped as being big news this time around.

Why not take inspiration from our American cousins and really embrace Halloween this year? Planning some festivities is one way to liven up the long nights of autumn before the Christmas preparations really kick in.