When a group of students dressed up in Halloween fancy dress for a recent bar crawl, they probably hoped it would be called scary or deliciously repulsive.

However, they probably didn't expect their zombie fancy dress costumes to be labelled racist by some over-zealous bouncers.

The Sheffield University Physics Society had been wandering around town and going into various nightspots before they were turned away from Population because their white makeup 'could upset someone'.

Partygoers including 23-year-old John Bradley were told to scrub off the face paint or forget getting in.

Student Union spokesman Tom Hastings admitted the incident was "an error".

"These students should have been let in without question," he added.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, it has emerged that revellers in Peterborough, Canada will not face charges for going to a Halloween party in Ku Klux Klan fancy dress, complete with a slave on a rope.