Halloween fancy dress is supposed to be fun, so it's somewhat surprising to find that many people get stressed in the run-up to the event because of their costume.

A poll by discount store Savers in the US found 39 per cent of respondents get frazzled when it comes to putting their outfits together, while 81 per cent don't manage to look how they envisaged.

However, the survey also found that TV is providing good inspiration for Halloween this year, with cool vampire fancy dress like that seen in True Blood top of most people's lists, closely followed by Lost (strange, but apparently true!).

And be warned that you may be judged on your Halloween fancy dress - 17 per cent of the respondents reported thinking they can gauge someone's personality based on their choice of costume.

If you're thinking about October 31st, don't get in a stress - just plan carefully, get hold of a ready-made outfit from a top stockist like Escapade and you'll be ready in no time!