The Saw franchise has become something of a failsafe for Halloween fancy dress - there's just so many of those films!

This year is no different, thanks to the forthcoming arrival of Saw 3D (aka Saw VII) in cinemas, as well as the computer game based on the blood-and-guts flicks, which will hit stores in time for October 31st.

Producers of the movie have revealed a poster as part of the publicity, which features a black heart with fists coming out of it, as well as a more disturbing one with the broken-up head of Jigsaw.

If you're still keeping up with the story - frankly, most people probably lost count after the one with the nasty neck-twisting - this installment tells how Jigsaw's survivors gather to seek the support of self-help guru Bobby Dagen, but end up embroiled in a new wave of terror.

For us however, it just means a good excuse to dress up in that terrifying Jigsaw puppet fancy dress costume and see how many people we can scare!