A teacher has revealed how he brings the history of art to life - by wearing historical fancy dress.

Neil McGregor, who works for Doncaster Council's museums service, told the South Yorkshire Star he often dresses up as the artists featured within his lessons, as it helps the pupils to remember things.

"In the past I've dressed up as Van Gogh, Monet and Turner," he commented.

This summer's theme is the impressionist Edgar Degas, which requires a Mr Benn-style bowler hat and suit as well as a beard.

However, Mr McGregor said he is not too taken with this costume, as the beard is "incredibly itchy".

He added that he has not yet decided upon next year's artist, but will start looking for ideas soon.

We'd like to know what the Van Gogh outfit looked like - given the artist's ear-related mishap, it could have been a bloody butcher Halloween fancy dress costume!