If Harley Quinn had Instagram

  harley-quinn-instagram Harley Quinn is rumoured to have her own movie in the works and we’re VERY excited! Harley Quinn might have been written as a sidekick to the Joker but we think she’s utterly stolen the show. Margot Robbie pulls off a very convincing role as the slightly unhinged ex-psychiatrist and lover of the Joker (whom she met while working as a nurse) and ally to Poison Ivy (to whom she owes her immunity to poisons and toxins). Suicide Squad was one of the most talked about movies of the year and it got us wondering, what would Harley Quinn post on Instagram, if she had her own account?

Harley's Makeup Regime.

Harley Quinn's makeup has changed quite a bit over time. We think this look might be one of her best! Red and blue eyeshadow with a signature red lip. Anyone can rock this look!   harley quinn make up  

Shopping with Harley Quinn.

  If there is one thing the Queen of Arkham can do pretty well, it's shopping! Whether it's with other people's money or a five finger discount, Harley cannot resist anything shiny or a new pair of shoes.   harley quinn shopping

Never misses the chance to flirt.

  Even though her heart belongs to the Joker, she likes to have fun when he's not around. Even if it's with DC characters.   spiderman and harley quinn

Girls night out.

  Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have been long-time BFFS. We bet they go out to paint the town red (or should we say red, blue and green?) on a regular basis in Arkham. poison ivy and harley quinn Want to buy one of our other Suicide costumes? Click here!