World Zombie Day 2016

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What is World Zombie day?

The world Zombie Day website states the international annual event grew from the first Zombie Walk in Pittsburgh’s  Monroeville Mall, where George Romero filmed Dawn of the Dead, back in 2006. The event began so that fans of Zombie culture could come together and help to raise money for charities that work to relieve hunger and homelessness. Since then, Zombie walks have spread, like a virus, over the years and now happen in 50 cities across the world. Including New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo! Now that's DEADication!

How do I get involved?

The walk is free but by purchasing a ticket to go to the after party, you'll be helping to raise money for the Homeless Charity St. Mungo's. The after party ticket is a mere £5, however, if you get dead tired by the end of the walk, there will also be charity buckets along the route or you can donate to their Just Giving account here: or you can text BRNZ81 £3 to 70070. The event starts at 12.00hrs in Central London and the route of the walk is kept a secret until the day before, so sign up for the event to be notified where to begin the walk. Weather you do crawl, amble or shuffle, it is a guaranteed fun day out!

Be a social Zombie

Get involved or watch the event unfold online by checking the official hashtag: #WZD2016.

What to wear?

Zombies come in all shapes and sizes! We are sure you will meet some particularly creative zombies during the day. So grab a base for your zombie look with us.

1. A Morph Zombie.

This is the easiest costume because you can take off the mask or drink through it, depending how lazy you feel. See our guy's guide to wearing Morphsuits here mlmzo mlorcl2

2. A Classic Zombie Look

Grab an out of the bag zombie look for a quick transformation. Add the facepaint and you're ready to scare the tourists of London. zombie bride rotting zombie zombie school girl

3. Be Unique

Why not choose something a bit out of the box? Be a zombie hunter or a hazmat-wearing government scientist. hc020715-main 90189z 131674  

4. Accessorize

We stock white eye accessories to finish your horrific look. As well as FX and makeup kits which are easy to carry and you can apply when you arrive. zombie-makeup-kit2 23332 fxts-413

How to prepare

- Make sure to take a change of clothes with you. Even if you're arriving all bloodied up to the event, you may want to change for your journey home. Also, it's October so you may get cold as the sun sets. Even if it's just an ordinary jacket to pop over your ensemble. It's a no-brainier. - Take face wipes. Being a zombie is hard work and keeping your gruesome face on is even harder. Sometimes liquid latex can make you feel itchy, which isn't so grave-y. So have some handy makeup wipes so you can take the makeup off and reapply if needed. - A hair brush is useful to have on you. No doubt someone will turn up with perfect hair and there is nothing less convincing than a zombie with perfect locks. Be a hero and carry a comb to help your fellow undead out. - Take eye care solution if you decide to wear eye accessories. A whole day of staring, wide-eyed, at potential victims can really leave your eyes in grave condition. So grab a care kit to take along with you.