A bride and groom created a wedding to remember recently, when they tied the knot in Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress and a French revolution costume.

Elliot 'Elmo' McDonough and his new wife Angela are moving to Saudi Arabia, but realised it would make life difficult if they were cohabiting due to local laws, the Liverpool Echo reports.

So, they decided to get married in a secret ceremony in costume, attended by the likes of Popeye, SpongeBob SquarePants and best man Vicky Pollard.

However, the most impressive outfit was arguably sported by the groom, who dressed up as a convincing Jack Sparrow for the occasion.

"It was such a big surprise for our guests, but they loved it and really helped us have such a memorable party," said Angela.

Given the groom's nickname, perhaps he could have worn Sesame Street fancy dress! Bet he hasn't heard that one before either.