Think of the House of Commons and you would probably conjure up a pretty strait-laced venue as opposed to one that welcomes sexy fancy dress.

However, that's exactly what it's going to do for one night only on October 2nd 2010, when it will play host to an Erotica 2010 party in the Members' Dining Room.

According to the Daily Mail, Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell has sponsored businessman Sawas Christodoulou for the bash, which will begin with a formal meal.

Later on, guests will be invited to move along to an after-party on a nearby boat, where they will be entertained by burlesque performers, among other acts.

And they had better get their sexy fancy dress sorted out, because the publicity posters warn that anyone who is not dressed up for the second part of the evening will be refused entry!

Erotica events are popular for corporate parties, but this is the first time one has been held at such a prestigious venue.

However, no cameras are allowed, so it's unlikely we'll get to see politicians dressed up in Military Girl costumes - thank goodness for that!