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You may conjure up an image of a little old lady in tweed and sensible shoes when you think of Miss Marple, but that is about to change as the literary creation gets the Hollywood treatment.

A full-length Disney film is to be made featuring Agatha Christie's crime-solving pensioner - but she is to be transformed into a glamorous thirty-something played by Jennifer Garner.

Various sources have reported that the actress' film company has secured the rights to produce the film, with Disney free to create a script based on Miss Marple for a new generation of crime fans.

Fans have reacted with some surprise over the news - after all, one of the reasons for Marple's success in the stories was that nobody suspected the quiet little old lady in the corner!

In previous screen incarnations, she has been played by Gracie Fields and Angela Lansbury, so Garner has some fairly big shoes to fill! Except this time, they may be more Jimmy Choo than Marks and Sparks.

The last novel featuring Miss Marple was written in 1940 but only published in 1976 after Christie's death.

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