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A woman is hoping to have her family relocated after claiming that she and her two children are being terrorised by a poltergeist.

Lisa Manning, 34, insists that there have been a series of strange goings-on at her property in Coventry, with the living room door slamming shut and chairs being pulled across the room.

One of her dogs also fell down the stairs while she was out, suffering fatal injuries that the vet later said looked as though he had suffered as a result of being pushed.

The mother has called in a priest to exorcise the house and has put crucifixes everywhere in a bid to ward off evil spirits, but she is hoping that her housing association will move her.

"Your home is meant to be a safe place but ours isn't. I have to sit with my daughter when she goes to the toilet or has a bath as she's too afraid to go on her own," Lisa commented.

She has released a video clip which she claims shows the poltergeist moving furniture, but we're not sure it's altogether convincing - what do you think?

There has never been any conclusive evidence of poltergeists, but they are described in folklore and scary movies as naughty spirits that haunt people and throw things.

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