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Fans of James Bond are sure to be getting their teeth into the newest book this week, after it was released by Jeffery Deaver in a hail of publicity.

The serial killer thriller author took to the streets of London in a red Bentley and was handed the first copy of Carte Blanche by a man who had abseiled from a nearby building.

Deaver, who is one of a series of established authors to continue the Bond saga, is the first to have set the action in his novel firmly in the 21st century.

Carte Blanche sees Bond recruited to a black ops unit after serving on the frontline in Afghanistan. He heads to Serbia, London and Cape Town in a bid to prevent an explosion by terrorists.

However, he is now a former smoker and doesn't drink quite so many cocktails - and he relies on gadgets based around mobile phone apps these days too.

Ian Fleming, who wrote the original Bond novels, would have been 103 on Saturday (May 28th 2011).

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