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If you worry that you look mad when using a hands-free kit for your mobile phone and appear as though you're talking to yourself, then wait until you see the latest development in technology.

Researchers at Germany's Potsdam University have created a way of allowing people to use their palm as a touchscreen for their phone - without the user even having to get their device out of their pocket.

It would use a motion-sensitive camera like the Xbox Kinect and has been dubbed the iPalm.

Inventor Patrick Baudisch told New Scientist the technology relies on people knowing the layout of their smartphone and being able to touch the appropriate place on their hand for the application they want to use.

Apparently, 68 per cent of people with an iPhone could already do this in tests.

"As users get more experienced, it might even become possible to leave the device at home and spend the day all imaginary," enthused Mr Baudisch.

He hopes that the cameras might be incorporated into hats or jewellery so they will be practically invisible.

In February, Metro reported research from Young and Rubicam, which found that Britons look at their mobile on average every six-and-a-half minutes.

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