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Kerry Katona has revealed she is keen to leave singing and reality TV behind in order to pursue a career in acting.

She told New magazine that she thinks she'd be good in front of a camera after all of her years in showbiz.

"For me, acting is just dead easy. You're somebody else and you leave your world behind," the 30-year-old commented.

Her ideal job would be on Coronation Street where she could play a psycho, or on another kind of drama, she revealed.

"I don't think they'd let me do Downton Abbey but I can see myself doing a sitcom," Katona mused, suggesting Benidorm as another possibility.

The celebrity recently left her management company Can Associates, saying they do not really cater for acting.

Corrie might be hard to get in to at the moment, as the soap is already full of high-profile storylines.

According to the Sun, a forthcoming one involves Fizz being attacked in prison for providing information to the governor about other lags.

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