If you're going to a party and your name is Kim Kardashian, then it's inevitable that you'll wear sexy fancy dress for the occasion.

This is exactly what happened over the weekend when the reality TV star headed to a bash thrown by supermodel Heidi Klum.

Determined to attract attention, Kardashian sported a Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costume which was sure to have the desired effect due to its bottom-skimming length.

The Liverpool Echo speculated that the TV personality had misread the invitation for the Halloween party and thought it had a fairytale theme instead.

"We can't help but worry for her safety. If you go down to the woods today ... you really don't want to present quite such a substantial target for the wolf," the article added.

Maybe Kardashian was simply getting ready for next year, when the new movie adaptation of the classic Brothers Grimm tale is set to hit cinemas.

Called The Girl With the Red Riding Hood, it will star Amanda Seyfried.