It may not come as much of a surprise given the array of fancy dress costumes we've already seen her in, but Lady Gaga loves her straight hair wigs.

The extroverted star told the Scottish Daily Record that she thinks being able to alter her hairdo on a day to day basis is fantastic, as she can reflect her mood via her new tresses.

She revealed she owns more than 20 wigs and hairpieces, which explains why we never seem to see her in the same one twice!

"That way, I can have a new hairstyle every day without having to run to the hairdresser, which is great, isn't it?"

"I would never give up my wigs and hats for anything," Lady Gaga commented.

Her chameleon-like image could be one of the reasons why the Bad Romance hitmaker was voted the most influential artist of 2010 in a recent poll.

If you want to take a leaf out of Lady Gaga's book, then you could change your look completely using a red wig which could really show off your extravagant side!