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Lionel Messi may be ranked as one of the world's best footballers, but that doesn't mean he has forgotten his roots.

The FC Barcelona player has been photographed on holiday by the Metro displaying an unusual tattoo of his mum's face.

He is taking a break in Ibiza with girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo and teammate Dani Alves and the body art was clearly visible on his back as he stripped off to frolic on their private yacht.

Messi, 24, comes from Argentina and clearly misses his mum when he plays football in Europe.

In January this year, he was fined by the Spanish Football Federation after lifting his shirt during a game to reveal a red T-shirt that said 'Happy Birthday Mum'.

It may have been a nice gesture, but it was against regulations banning all slogans from the pitch - his tattoo is therefore quite a clever way of showing his mum he is thinking of her!

Messi was recently voted the world's third most popular footballer in terms of social media activity by

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