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A little boy has hit the headlines in Croatia after his family revealed he is magnetic.

Ivan Stoiljkovic, six, is able to stick metallic objects such as spoons and frying pans to his body when he takes off his shirt - and they don't fall off.

His relatives reckon they can attach 25kg of objects to the little lad in one go. Not that they have been loading him up like the donkey in Buckaroo, or anything.

Furthermore, they allege he has healing powers, as he was able to 'cure' his grandfather's stomach pains and help a man who hurt his leg in a tractor accident.

It's not the first time there have been reports of people having strange magnetic powers. Back in 2008, 12-year-old Joseph Falciatano from New York state in the US earned the moniker 'Magneto Man' because he kept causing computers to crash and stop working.

His teachers thought it must be due to the excess static electricity he produces.

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