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A man in Los Angeles probably had some explaining to do when he got home this week with a big dent in his car.

The motorist had been driving in Hollywood when he suddenly noticed two mostly naked girls having a shower together.

They were taking part in a protest for the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) and as the man craned his neck for a better look, he failed to notice the pick-up truck in front of him stop and he promptly crashed into the back of it.

Unfortunately for him, the whole incident was captured by news channel CBS as it interviewed a young girl in the foreground.

Other passersby gathered around the makeshift shower cubicle to ogle the two models and take photos.

The stunt was part of World Water Day and aimed to explain that if people ate one pound of meat less a year, they could save enough water for six months' worth of showers.

In December 2010, Peta campaigners dressed as condoms in Washington DC in order to encourage people to have their animals neutered.

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