It has been speculated that Matthew Goode could be set to don the famous Superman fancy dress outfit in order to play him in the forthcoming film.

The new movie will be released in 2012 and director Zack Snyder is still considering who he wants to play the Kryptonite-fearing alien.

Although Joe Manganiello's name had been high on the list of potential actors, it has now been widely rumoured that Goode is Snyder's ideal choice.

If this is the case, it will not be the first time he has sported superhero fancy dress - the actor has already been in Watchmen. states that he certainly looks the part for the Clark Kent side of things, but "his physique isn't up to Superman's costumed-body standards".

However, this shouldn't matter, as the muscles are reportedly set to be put in via CGI.

Let's hope Goode wears the famous glasses well - it's still amusing that eyewear is the only disguise necessary to prevent people knowing you're the world's most famous superhero!