Part of a sexy fancy dress costume has helped to clear a man of armed robbery, it has been revealed.

The Spar shop in Washingborough was held up in December last year and witnesses said the man who did it was wearing a stocking on his head, the Mirror reports.

Suspicion fell on Stefan Cummins, 27, who had been wearing naughty schoolgirl fancy dress a few weeks before for a Halloween party.

However, the suspect was luckily able to take police to where his own stocking was - in a secluded area after he used it during an illicit encounter with his girlfriend in their car.

It had been thrown out of the window and when it was tested, DNA evidence was able to clear Mr Cummins of the crime.

Back in September, a man in Colorado failed in his attempt to rob a restaurant in Halloween fancy dress after a clerk pressed the panic button, the Colorado Daily reported.