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A man who sees himself as a modern-day Batman is appealing for help from a would-be Robin after the dampeners were put on his superhero career.

John Bray, 91, served in the Long Range Desert Group in World War II after signing up in his native New Zealand and decided to become a member of the local community patrol in his twilight years.

He loved cruising the streets of Waipawa with his pal and being the "eyes and ears" of the police, reporting any suspicious incidents.

However, Mr Bray hit a snag when his partner - well into his 80s - began to fall asleep on the job and eventually had to give up.

The crime-fighter has been told he is not allowed to do the patrol on his own, so he now has to find another willing recruit - the Robin to his Batman - before he can get back out there.

Robin first appeared in the Batman comics as an acrobat, so perhaps Mr Bray could look to the circus for assistance?

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