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Spending 71 days on your feet isn't everyone's idea of fun - but covering more than 1,000 miles in a fancy dress costume at the same time would push just about anyone to breaking point.

That didn't stop a fundraiser for a children's leukaemia charity completing a gruelling 1,000-mile run dressed as Mr Happy.

After beating the concrete for 71 days - covering an average of 22-miles per day - Andy Jackson arrived at Lands End - and looked in need of a sit down and a cup of tea.

His run, which started at the northern-most tip of Scotland, even took him on a detour to London, where Mr Jackson competed in the London Marathon.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Mr Jackson said it was a hell of a long way to run, but the physical reality of putting his body under such strain had not hit home yet.
He said that the ensuing exhaustion will creep up on him sooner or later but, at the moment, he said, "I feel just the opposite, I feel energised".

But before you cry "we've seen it all before, didn't Eddie Izzard run a million marathons back-to-back", you have to bear in mind that Mr Jackson competed in a number of other events during his run.

While not quite a heptathlon, he did go skiing at Aviemore Ski Resort, enjoy a spot of curling at the Youth World Championships and even found time for a round of pitch and putt at Gleneagles.

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