She has been fighting crime in her bustier and hotpants since 1941, but the people at DC Comics have announced changes to the Wonder Woman fancy dress costume we all know and love.

As the 600th Wonder Woman comic hit stores in the US, creator Jim Lee unveiled a new outfit for her, which consisted of black leggings, flatter boots and stirrups reminiscent of the Iron Man costume.

She keeps her red top, but it is covered up with an '80s-style baseball jacket.

Jim said he still wanted Wonder Woman to be sexy, but also a little more practical.

"You want her to be a superhero that is taking on the most evil threats the world has seen, from demons to armies. You want to have a costume that speaks of that kind of ability," he explained.

The urban feel to her new costume comes from the fact that her backstory has been changed - instead of being raised on Paradise Island, she has now been raised in a city.

In May, the people at MTV voted Wonder Woman's costume as one of the most dysfunctional among all the superheroes, pointing out that it isn't really suitable for taking out baddies - looks like they were being listened to!