A night out dressed in a Teletubbies costume ended badly for one man this week when he became the victim of mistaken identity.

The unnamed man had been at a party in Castlebar, Ireland dressed as Dipsy and was waiting for a taxi, minding his own business at the end of the night, the Connaught Telegraph reports.

Sadly for him, a fellow reveller named Michael Flynn had been offended by another Dipsy earlier on in the evening and the sight of the Teletubby just standing there made him quite cross.

Mr Flynn went over and punched the innocent Dipsy on the nose, resulting in a scuffle by the taxi rank which had to be split up by passersby.

Once he realised his mistake, Mr Flynn admitted he should have checked that there wasn't more than one Teletubby and apologised for the fight.

We reckon poor beaten-up Dipsy will probably choose a tougher children's character for his next fancy dress do - how about Buzz Lightyear for a toy nobody would mess with?