Manchester-born actor Will Mellor has said he found wearing a Frank N Furter fancy dress costume from the Rocky Horror Picture Show lucky.

He told the Manchester Evening News that he chose to dress up in drag for the character a few years ago, but realised that it offered more benefits than he first thought.

"I used my legs to try and get a cab, and it worked! That day I relished the moment of high heels and the outfit and I just worked it," Will commented.

However, he also admitted that he looks a bit too masculine to be mistaken for a woman for real.

You can also see Will dressed in drag for the current advert for Walkers crisps - he is wearing a Sexy French Maid costume to promote the special garlic baguette flavour for the World Cup.

We reckon it's any excuse to dress like a lay-dee for the former Hollyoaks actor!