He may be wheelchair-bound and a little hard of hearing at 78, but that won't stop nursing home resident Sam Hudson from getting out his Christmas fancy dress again this year.

The granddad lives at Redcote Residential Home in Lea and wears Santa fancy dress every festive season in order to entertain local children and other residents, the Gainsborough Standard reports.

He already has plenty of experience, having played St Nick every year since 1960, even going to Lapland to do so on one occasion.

Mr Hudson explained that he loves Christmas and wants children to experience it in a traditional way.

"Being Santa is good for my morale and I just love brightening up a child's Christmas. If you have a grotto full of kids, then it's great to bring the magic to them," he commented.

Last month, Escapade discovered that not as many people as usual seem to be purchasing Father Christmas fancy dress outfits, but that evidently doesn't bother this particular gentleman!