Emilie Fleming may be best known for sporting what looked like a Dorothy fancy dress costume on BBC One's Over the Rainbow, but we could be seeing her in other roles soon.

The teenager had hoped to take a starring role in Andrew Lloyd Webber's West End musical of The Wizard of Oz, but lost out at the weekend.

However, Emilie believes she has learned a great deal from her experience on the TV show and will eventually get to take to the stage.

"Whatever happens, I'm not going to stop," she told Digital Spy.

"And hopefully you'll see me again one day."

She added that she was turned down because the judges wanted a more edgy and modern Dorothy, rather than a traditional take on the character.

Perhaps she should have worn a naughty Mistress Dorothy costume instead!

Meanwhile, her sister Melissa couldn't help but express her pride for Emilie following her exit from the show.

Speaking to the Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette, she said that while Emilie may not be the judge's Dorothy, "she's still mine".