Pamela Stephenson has revealed that she might be keeping a few of the sexy fancy dress costumes she has worn for Strictly Come Dancing.

The 61-year-old told the Sun that her husband Billy Connolly has been smitten with the skimpy outfits, including a tuxedo and stockings.

As a result, he's eager for her to bring them home for a few, er, private performances.

"There are a couple of costumes he'd like me to borrow," she laughed.

Pamela revealed that she has lost two stone in weight since joining Strictly, much to the relief of dance partner James Jordan who has to lift her high in the air.

Earlier this month, another reality TV contestant tried out sexy fancy dress after a certain jungle appearance.

Gillian McKeith wore a Baywatch costume for Heat magazine following her disastrous time on I'm A Celebrity - but it's unlikely anyone begged her to bring that home.