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A car made entirely from Play-Doh arrived in a London street this week, much to the surprise of passersby.

However, the 1.5-tonne model wasn't the work of a juvenile giant, but rather a publicity stunt by motor manufacturer Chevrolet.

The brand carried out a poll recently to discover Britain's favourite child's toy and found that colourful modelling putty Play-Doh came top, followed by Lego and, quite strangely, Kinder Eggs.

So, when Chevrolet unveiled its new Orlando model, it decided to recreate it in Play-Doh in homage to the family favourite.

It took a team of eight model makers - who were undoubtedly wishing that Lego had won - two weeks to build and consists entirely of the colour Aquamarine. So if there's now a shortage of that particular hue, you'll know who to blame.

If you missed the car, don't worry - Chevrolet said it is to go on show at the Lakeside shopping centre in London for a week.

A BBC poll at Christmas voted Lego as the nation's favourite toy, so it seems the public is a fickle bunch!

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