It's a big year for summer blockbusters in 2010, but we'll definitely be donning Predator fancy dress costumes for one very exciting movie.

Predators, the third instalment in a series which pits humans against the most terrifying hunters imaginable, will hit UK cinemas on July 22nd 2010 and it's a thrilling prospect.

The first film came out in 1987 (yes, really!) and saw Arnold Schwarzenegger pit his wits against a Predator in a South American jungle, while the second, not quite as good, saw the action transferred to the urban jungle.

Ignoring all the Alien Vs Predator interludes in between, this is therefore the first new version in 20 years.

This time, a group of humans are dumped onto an alien planet, where they find themselves in a game reserve - and it turns out they're the game.

The trailer looks fab, with plenty of nods to the original and lots of tense moments with that creepy rattling growl in the background.

We reckon that now is a great time to wear a Predator costume to your next fancy dress party.

Alternatively, you could don an Arnie Latex Mask and recreate memorable scenes from the original film with your mates.