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When you think of what might be the safest car on the roads today, the humble three-wheeled Robin Reliant is perhaps nowhere to be seen.

However, a new study by says that motorists lucky enough to have the vehicle are actually the least likely to be involved in an accident.

According to the website's figures, the last five years have seen fewer than one in every 100 drivers of the Robin Reliant end up in a collision.

In comparison, Lexus owners are ten times more likely to be involved in a road crash, while nearly one in five Honda FR-V six-seater drivers made an accident claim in the last half-decade.

Other relatively safe cars were found to include the Mazda 2 TS TD, the Nissan Skyline, the Fiat Cinquecento and the Ford Focus RS.

You might associate the Robin Reliant with Only Fools and Horses' Del Boy, who famously drove a three-wheeled van on the hit TV show.

However, this is something of a misconception - he actually owned a Reliant Regal, which was lightweight enough to be driven with just a motorcycle licence back in the 1970s.

In fact, the actor who played Del Boy was snapped in the battered old van just last week. David Jason hitched a ride on a Chinook HC2 helicopter to RAF Fairford for the Royal International Air Tattoo's 40th birthday celebrations.

He then made his way to the hangar in his battered old yellow Reliant Regal - in true Del Boy style!

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