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Teen favourite Robert Pattinson has revealed that the last ever scenes for the movie versions of Twilight are over and done with - and that he found it a bit of an anticlimax.

The actor told US chat show Live With Regis and Kelly that he is actually relieved it is all finished as it was a little like school.

"It was a very long shoot - eight months - and it was hard by the end of it. I think everyone was like 'get me out!'," he commented.

Breaking Dawn, the final book in the Twlight series, has been split into two parts for filming, with the first instalment out later in 2011. Let's hope the viewers don't feel the same way about it as Pattinson!

It sees Edward and Bella finally give in to all that angst and get married - although there is unlikely to be much steaminess on the wedding night to keep it family-friendly.

Valentina Palladino from Her Campus recently said she prefers True Blood to Twilight as it is much feistier, plus it has better costumes. Not to mention a lot more nudity.

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