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When George Lucas dreamt up the planet of Tatooine in Star Wars, he probably wasn't thinking about whether or not it would really be able to support life.

However, he may have been more scientifically correct than he realised, according to Jack O'Malley, a PhD student at the University of St Andrews.

He has carried out research and found that a planet with two or more suns may indeed be able to house life, as there would be multiple energy sources to drive photosynthesis.

However, the plants might not be green - they could even be grey or black.

"The temperature of a star determines its colour and, hence, the colour of light used for photosynthesis," Mr O'Malley pointed out.

Last September, scientists at the University of California announced they had found a planet called Gliese 581 which may have a temperature that is just right for supporting life. It is 20 light years away from earth.

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