Read lifestyle news as you browse for sexy fancy dress with Escapade A women's football team in Russia is taking drastic measures to try and increase attendance to games - giving a whole new meaning to the phrase 'football strip'. FC Rossiyanka from Krasnoarmeysk near Moscow had noticed that despite winning the country's female premier league three times and qualifying for the Champions League twice, figures at the gates were still sliding slowly downwards. So, coach Tatyana Egorova decided that the next match will require the girls to wear sexy bikinis instead of their usual game outfits. "We hope it will improve the numbers of tickets we sell. We think it's a good idea - our players are beautiful, great athletes and determined to win," she explained. Given that the team is situated in Russia, we don't think this is something that will last past the height of summer, unless they all want frostbite. Meanwhile, a recent study led by sports scientist Professor Martin Lames in Munich found that male footballers take 30 seconds longer to get up after an injury than their female counterparts. Check out the latest football fancy dress at Escapade