Fitting Fangs by Scarecrow We recently had the pleasure of attending the Halloween & Party Expo in New Orleans, an international gathering place for the Halloween, Party and Fantasy Costume Industry, showcasing the latest products, services and technologies.   Whilst we were here not only were we able to discover new and exciting costumes for all of you but we also met with our top suppliers including the fangtastic Scarecrow. Scarecrow are one of the top vampire fangs manufacturers in the world and have a wide range of Halloween character specific teeth, with different lengths, density and look. From metallic fangs in vibrant colours to fangs dripping with blood and a then, of course, their more classic gnashers.   1 Scarecrow exhibited  their full range at the Halloween & party Expo and alongside this a demo area was open for buyers to try and test their excellent products. Of course we couldn’t resist giving it a go.  If you haven’t already given it a go yourself, here’s our demo on how to fit your custom fangs to perfection!   Step 1 The fangs are packaged in a cool coffin box complete with four capsules, customising fluid, a mixing vessel and two stirring sticks. 1475   Firstly, take one of the capsules and twist it to empty it into the mixing vessel and make sure that all the powder is in one area.   Step 2   Add four drops of the customising fluid to the powder.     Step 3   Stir until the contents become pasty 8263   Step 4   Take the mixture and put it into one fang cap.   8264   Step 5   Slide it right up onto one tooth and lie back for 5 minutes whilst it sets.   Step 6 When 5 minutes have passed, repeat the previous steps to mould your second fang.   And voila! Now that your fangs are moulded, it’s as easy as sliding them in and out! the finished look