Pantomimes aren't usually renowned for their sexy fancy dress, but the appearance of one star in Liverpool has helped to change that.

Pamela Anderson is currently appearing in Aladdin at the Empire in the north-western city and wardrobe mistress Laura Bradbury said a very special swimsuit is taking pride of place in the show.

She explained that a replica of the Baywatch fancy dress she wore in the 1990s TV series gets to come out on stage every night, with extra jewels for the festive season of course.

Pammy then keeps the cossie on, adding her other outfits on over the top.

"Pamela's costumes are probably the only ones which haven't needed any repairs yet because they're so beautifully made that nothing is really likely to happen to them," Laura told the news provider.

A tribute to Baywatch was recently paid by Gillian McKeith, who dressed up in a red swimsuit for Heat magazine.