Star Wars Celebration 2016 Ā  Last weekend saw the 38th anniversary of Star Wars and unless you live under a rock, there was a massive celebration for it in the form of a three-day celebratory convention in the excel centre in London. Along with Rubies, We attended all three days and had some really exciting stock! Not only did we provide everyone with costumes, ready to wear on the day, but we some AWESOME cosplayers. Check out our galleries to see all the images we took: We had a lot of exclusive stock on the shelves at the event and a lot sold out! If you want to see what we have left on our site after this weekend, click here to see ourĀ Star WarsĀ range.

Event Photos:

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Ā Cosplay we loved:



Day One:

The Friday saw the first ever showing of the Rouge One: A Star Wars Story preview. Ā Mark hamilton channeled The Joker from 'Batman: The Killing Jokeā€™ during his pannel:

Day Two:

Droids, cosplay and Rebels, oh my! Saturday is always one of the most busy days for a convention. The organisers didnā€™t hold back on this one! See the entire live feed from the day:
  • Droids of the force awakens at 24:57
  • Droids of The Force Awakens Panel at 2:21:44
  • Anthony Daniels, Without Protocol at 4:19:00
  • Star wars Rebels Panel - 6:22:36

Day Three: Carrie Fisher her own hour long fan interview (see the video below from 1:58:27). Complete with Gary, her dog and a reenactment with the host Warwick DavisĀ fromĀ Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, where the Ewok Wicket, finds Leia after she crashes into the forest.Ā 

The next Star Wars Celebration Europe will be held again in 2019. So until then, may the force be with you!