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A dentist has been struck off the General Dental Council's (GDC) register because he would not stop breaking wind in front of colleagues and patients.

Matthew Walton, 35, who ran a practice in Shrewsbury, reportedly made the lives of his dental nurses hell with his flatulence and belching and was also unprofessional towards the people he was treating, a hearing was told.

He would often make V-signs behinds the heads of patients he didn't like and "found it funny" to trump while his co-workers ate their lunch.

"It made us feel sick," said dental nurse Carol Stokes.

The GDC told Mr Walton that his behaviour was "unprofessional and inappropriate" and suspended him "for the protection of the public".

Mr Walton apologised for his juvenile antics and said he did it as an outlet for his frustration at work.

Perhaps it's not surprising that between seven and 13 per cent of the western population is afraid of going to the dentist, according to!

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