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Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, who have previously collaborated so successfully in the Toy Story movies, could be set to act together again in a new Disney film.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hanks is being lined up to play a family man in the project, while Allen would be a tour boat captain.

The story is rumoured to be an action flick based on the Jungle Cruise theme park ride at Disney's Magic Kingdom, which takes visitors on a trip down the rivers of Africa to encounter wildlife and native tribes.

Nothing has yet been confirmed about the movie, but Toy Story fans are sure to be excited about the prospect - it sounds a little as though it could be a modern-day Jumanji!

Toy Story 3 was released in 2010 and was the most popular box office film of the year. It won an Oscar last week for Best Animated Feature and narrowly missed out on Best Picture to The King's Speech.

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