If you're tired on dressing up as a witch with a bin-liner cape every October 31st, then you should look to popular culture for inspiration for your Halloween fancy dress this year.

The US is big on celebrations for this festival and trends are already emerging for 2010, fancy dress expert Melissa Sprich told SpecialEvents.com.

She said - perhaps as expected - there is still lots of Twilight and other vampire fancy dress around, as well as plenty of retro costumes harking back to the '60s.

Meanwhile, the '80s are also making a comeback for Halloween, with lots of Madonna-style outfits sure to be sported on the night.

However, given the ghoulish nature of Halloween, we reckon it's the perfect occasion to go a little more scary than hippies or the Material Girl.

Why not don a mask and something bloody to embrace your hidden dark side? A Bloody Butcher costume could be just the gory thing to scare fellow partygoers - just take care not to terrify people if you go trick or treating!