If you go to a children's fancy dress party this summer, you may see more Buzz Lightyears than Shreks.

That's because new film Toy Story 3 has now overtaken Shrek 2 to become the biggest-grossing animated movie of all time, despite having been out in the UK for less than a month.

It has already brought in £51.52 million in takings, smashing Shrek 2's record of £48.24 million.

Not only this, but it is also number 15 in a list of the highest-grossing films of all time, right behind The Full Monty.

As a result, you might get more requests from your kids about Woody fancy dress and Jessie the Cowgirl costumes this year than ever!

However, this could be the perfect excuse to hold a toy-themed children's fancy dress party and get rid of any boredom that might have set in if the summer holidays have turned out rainy where you are.