Your New Year's Day celebrations may have involved superhero fancy dress, but the chances are they didn't feature taking a dip in freezing cold water.

However, around 200 people saw in 2011 with a swim in costume at the annual New Year's Day swim in Whitley Bay, getting in to the icy waters off the Tyneside coast to participate.

They waded in off the Northern Promenade and squealed as they felt the temperature, but gamely carried on before getting out and quickly donning fluffy towels.

One man may have benefited from his Spiderman fancy dress, as the thickness of the outfit no doubt kept a little of the chill off, but it was still a bit of a frigid welcome to a new year!

"It's the perfect way to blow away the cobwebs," a spokesperson for the event commented.

Why not give a cold sea swim in costume a try yourself if you plan to try and raise money for charity as a new year's resolution in 2011?