A fan of comic books has argued that Wonder Woman should be allowed to revert to her original superhero fancy dress rather than the new outfit created for her last year.

It was announced in June 2010 by Jim Lee that the crime fighter would be ditching her famous bustier and hotpants for black leggings, flatter boots and an '80s-style baseball jacket.

The urban feel to her new costume comes from the fact that her backstory has been changed - instead of being raised on Paradise Island, she has now been raised in a city.

However, Tony Guerrero from Comic Vine said there is "something off" about her new look, even though it is more practical and has grown on him a little.

Explaining that the red bustier and skimpy pants represents a classic look, he commented: "Bring back the classic costume already!"

According to Mr Guerrero, Wonder Woman will meet Superman in her new guise for the first time in the February 2011 edition of her comic book.